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December 16, 2009


Google didn't start out as a portal but they sure are going that way. Their dominance is going to generate more scrutiny in the coming months. The consequences of their actions may be to do no evil but what about the unintended consequences?

When Google loses its role as a filter and becomes a destination it will lose some of its neutrality. I don't believe that is good for them, or us.

Interesting points John. Short term, they clearly would make more money if they didn't have to share revenue with AdSense publishers (or miss out on revenue from traffic sent to sites without AdSense). Longer term, who knows? If Google search became Google site search, would people stop going? Would they even notice?

Oh they're taking over the world. Google has one of the most recognizable brands in the world. That makes it easy to market any of their services. Plus, the services are consumer friendly so why not include them in the discussion? They're probably a front runner.

Middleman is a robust proxy server with many features designed to remove unwanted content, increase privacy, and to simply make surfing the Web a more pleasant experience. Some of the highlights include banner and popup blocking, HTTP and FTP content caching, NTLM and Basic authentication when forwarding through another proxy server, regular expression substitution in downloaded files and HTTP headers, regular expression substitution on requested URLs, many URL commands to temporarily change the proxy settings or to view information about a requested file, complete support for HTTP/1.1 including persistent connections and gzip encoding, and an intutive Web interface for configuring the proxy.

but still i don't trust google completely, as a company their have a great people but way too arogant (customer service)

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This makes it easy to sell one of its services. In addition, consumer services are easy, why not include them in the discussion. They are probably a precursor.

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